31 Jan
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Best Dishes of Little King Sandwich Shop in Hamilton Square, NJ



Step into the realm of culinary brilliance at Little King Sandwich Shop in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. Our menu is a celebration of delicacy, and we are thrilled to highlight the best dishes that have grabbed our customers' hearts and taste buds. Join us as we discover a symphony of flavors, from old classics to innovative creations. 



1) Chopped Blue Cheese Salad:

Begin your culinary journey with the delightful Chopped Blue Cheese Salad, which combines crisp greens, delicious blue cheese, and a medley of fresh ingredients to create a salad that is both satisfying and tempting.


2) Italian Hoagies:

Dive into the traditional Italian hoagie, a masterpiece of layered meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Each bite is a perfect blend of Italian flavors, making this hoagie a fan favorite.


3) Mild Italian Hoagie: 

For those who want a lighter flavor, the Mild Italian Hoagie is a wonderful twist on the traditional dish. It's an excellent alternative for individuals who want the same Italian goodness with a touch more nuance.


4) Royal Treat:

Indulge in royalty with the rightfully titled Royal Treat. This one-of-a-kind sandwich features high-quality ingredients. It reflects our commitment to improving sandwich craftsmanship.


5) Sharp Italian:

The Sharp Italian sandwich boasts powerful flavors and a zesty character. It's ideal for those who enjoy the intensity of a well-crafted Italian combination.


6) Italian Supreme:

The Italian Supreme will elevate your sandwich experience. This gourmet treasure elevates classic Italian flavors to new heights, offering the ultimate enjoyment for the discerning palate.


7) Smoked turkey Special:

The Smoked Turkey Special is an excellent choice for those looking for a lighter yet equally fulfilling meal. Premium smoked turkey, fresh vegetables, and our personal touch combine to provide a sandwich that is both nutritious and tasty.


8) The Jove:

Finish your gastronomic tour with The Jove, a sandwich that stands out for its distinctive combination of ingredients. Named after its unique flair, it's a signature creation that embodies the spirit of the Little King.



As we conclude our tour of the top foods at Little King Sandwich Shop in Hamilton Square, NJ, we extend an invitation to experience these culinary delights in person. Each dish shows our desire to create sandwiches that are unique. Join us for a unique dining experience at Little King, each bite tells a story of craftsmanship. 

Indulge, have fun, and make your next meal a Little King masterpiece.